Professional China Feed Grade Glycine Betaine - Hydrogen Chloride-Methanol Solution – Textiles

Product Property
Colorless or yellow smoke liquid, irritating smell. Eye, skin corrosion. Toxic. Miscible with alcohol, ether and
other organic solvents. Heat, open flame or oxidizer easily burnable.
Pharmaceutical or pesticide intermediates, can be used for acetal reaction to protect aldehyde, can also be used
for anhydrous reaction acid. Used to synthesize pesticides.
Specification Sheet

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Molecular formula   CH5CIO
Molecular weight   68.50
CAS NO.   132228-87-6
Appearance   Colorless or light yellow smoke liquid
Content(in terms of chloride ion) 25%
Storage condition   Refrigerated below 6 degrees Celsius
Package   170kg/Drum or according to customer`s requirement
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