Product Property
White crytalline powder, melting ponit ≥ 215℃, soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in water and ether.
Apparent density of 0.738g/cm3.
For organic synthesis, uesd in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, biochemical and other fields.
1.In the field of medicine, hydantoin is an important intermediate for the synthesis of several amino acids,
some of which have an extremely wide range of uses.
It is an important raw material for the treatment of renal/kidney failure drugs.
Can also be synthesized benzyl hydantoin, benzylidene and so on;
2.In the chemical industry, dimethyl-substituted hydantoin is a raw material for the production of a new
generation of high temperature resistant hydantoin epoxy resins;
3.In agriculture, hydantoin derivatives can be used as plant growth regulators, promote plant growth,  
increase yield.

Specification Sheet

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Molecular formula   C3H4N2O2
Molecular weight   100.08
CAS NO.   461-72-3
Product standard   Q/DHJL 14-2015
Appearance   White crystals
Hydantoin(on dry basis)w/% 98.5
Melting point℃ 215
Sulfate(in SO42-)w/% 0.3
Heavy metals(pb)/(mg/kg) 20
Fe w/% 0.002
Loss on drying w/% 0.50
Shelf life   Two years
Package   25kg/Bag or according to customer`s requirement
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