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Product Property
White or slightly crystals, odorless, taste salty. Easy to absorb moisture and caking. Easily soluble in water, sightly
soluble in ethanol, soluble in liquid ammonia, insoluble in acetone and ether. The aqueous solution is weakly
At 100℃, it begans to decompse, at 337.8℃, it will be completely decomposed into ammonia and hydrogen
chloeide gas.
Product Feature
It is a quick nitrogen chemical fertilizer, soluble in water, more hygroscopic than ammonium sulfate. Easy to be
deliquescent and is a physiological acidic fertilizer.
1.Applicable to corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, vegetables and other crops;
2.It is better to use ammonium chloride on flax and other fiber crops, especially for cotton crops. It enhances
fiber toughness and tension, thus it improves the quality of the crop;
3.Chorine has an inhibitory effect on nitrifying bacteria, so applying ammonium chloride in paddy fields has
good effect.
Specification Sheet

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Molecular formula   NH4CI
Molecular weight   53.49
CAS NO.   12125-02-9
Appearance   White or slightly yellow crystals
Nitrogen(based on dry basis)w/% 24
Sodium(in terms of NaCI)w/% 1.6
Package   25kg/Bag or according to customer`s requirement
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