Fixed Competitive Price 7 – Natural Betaine - Sodium Glycinate – Textiles

Product Property
White or slightly yellow powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in methanol.
Strong alkaline. Easy to absorb moisture.
1.Sodium glycinate as an important organic salt, it is widely used in aerospace, environmental protection,
medical, agriculture, food, chemical and other fields;
2.Used for food preservation, organic synthesis, electroplating and other industries;
3.Used for industrial detergent intermediates and biochemical research.
Specification Sheet

Items   Index
Molecular formula   C2H4NO2Na
Molecular weight   97.05
CAS NO.   6000-44-8
Product standard   Q/DHJL 02-2015
Appearance   White or slightly yellow powder
Sodium glycinate w/% 98.5
Chloride (in Cl) w/% 0.01
Health metal (Pb) (mg/kg) 20
Pb(mg/kg) 5
As(mg/kg) 3
Loss on drying w/% 0.20
Shelf life   Two years
Package   25kg/Drum or according to customer`s requirement
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