Factory Price For Organic Liquid Fertilizer - Betaine Solution – Textiles

Product Property
Colorless or light yellow liquid.
1.Can be used as a daily chemical additives, and it is the basic ingredient for vitamin B12 fermentation production process;
2.Can be used in aquaculture. As a attractant, betaine not only improves feed palatability, increases fish
intake, but also significantly reduces feeding time;
3.Can be used as impervious agent. Betaine can improve the tolerance of biological cells on the drought, high
humidity, high salt and hypertonic environment, and stablise enzyme activity and biological macromolecules;
4.Can be used as a methyl donor. In aquaculture, it can replace part of the choline.
Specification Sheet

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Molecular formula   C5H11NO2
Molecular weight   117.15
CAS NO.   107-43-7
Appearance   Colorless or light yellow liquid
Betaine w/%   49.0-52.0
Sodium chloride w/% 13.0
pH value   4.5-5.5
Color Number 5
Package   200kg/Drum or according to customer`s requirement
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