Factory directly supply Quaternary Ammonium Chloride - Iron Bis-Glycinate – Textiles

Product Property
Pale yellow to brownish yellow crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water.
1.Replenish the iron in pig, maintain normal levels of heme, and to prevent the occurrence of anemia;
2.Improve sow reproductive performance, can improve litter size, piglets birth weight and warning weight and
so on;
3.Improve myoglobin content, improve skin color and ketone body flesh color;
4.Improve piglets immunity, disease resistance and anti-stress ability;
5.Reduce the incidence of piglets diarrhea and piglet mortality.
Specification Sheet

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Molecular formula   C4H30N2O22S2Fe2
Molecular weight   634.10
CAS NO.   17169-60-7
Product standard   GB/T21996-2008
Appearance   Pale yellow to brownish yellow crystalline powder
C4H30N2O22S2Fe2/% 90.0
Ferrous iron(Fe2+)w/% 17.0
Ferric iron(Fe3+)w/% 0.5
Total glycine w/% 21.0
Loss on drying % 10.0
Pb % 0.002
Total As % 0.0005
Particle size (proe size 0.84mm test sieve pass rate)% 95.0
Shelf life   Two years
Package   10kg/Bag or according to customer`s requirement
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