Factory directly supply Feedd Grade Betaine Hydrochloride - 5-Benzylidene Hydantoin – Textiles

Product Property
White or light yellow powder, insoluble in water.
1.Used in food, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, skin care beauty, anti-aging, liver protection
and cancer prevention;
2.Used for malignant tumors, psoriasis, warts, acute and chronic leukemia and hepatosplenomegaly caused by
Specification Sheet

Items   Index
Molecular formula   C10H8N2O2
Molecular weight   188.18
CAS NO.   3775-01-7
Product standard   Q/DHJL 21-2016
Raw material   No animal source
Appearance   White or light yellow powder
5-Benzylidene hydantoin(on dry basis)w/% 98.0
Loss on drying w/% 2.0
Heavy metal(Pb)w/% 0.0020
Melting point℃ 215
Residue on ignition w/% 0.5
Shelf life   Two years
Package   20kg/Bag or according to customer`s requirement



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