Excellent quality Hydantoin 461-72-3 - Manganese Bis-Glycinate – Textiles

Product Property
Light pink or red powder, soluble in water, acidic aqueous solution.
1.Food Use
Manganese is mainly present in the pituitary, hepatopancreas and bone, and it a component of many enzymes.
Manganese is involved in the body`s hematopoietic process, to promote intracellular fat oxidation, and to
prevent atherosclerosis. Manganese deficiency can cause growth retardation, osteoporosis and ataxia
Manganese glycinate is a new type of nutrition enhancer, can be used for food, medicine, health care products
and other industries, play an important role in supplementing manganese for human body. It greatly reduces the
antagonistic effect of elements, such as Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn and other divalent ions in the digestive tract.
Bioavailability is high.
2.Feed Use
1.Manganese is a component of many enzymes that participates in many biochemical reactions;
2.Effective prevention and treatment of ataxia, abnormal bone deficiency and other manganese deficiency;
3.Promote animal growth, improve animal reproductive performance;
4.Bioavailability is high, it does not have obstacles to absorb complex with cellulose and phytic acid. It does not
creat antagonism with minerals in the digestive tract.;
5.Enhance the immune function of animals, improve animal resistance to disease.
Pig: 100g-300g per ton of feed;
Poultry: 200g-300g per ton of feed;
Aquatic animals: 300g per ton of feed;
Ruminant animals: 200g per ton of feed.
Specification Sheet

Items   Index
CAS NO.   14281-77-7
Product standard   Q/DHJL 23-2017
Appearance   Light pink or red powder
Nitrogen w/% 8.5
Pb(mg/kg) 5
As(mg/kg) 3
Loss on drying w/% 0.50
Shelf life   Two years
Package   20kg/Carton or according to customer`s requirement

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