Di-Sodium Glycine Carbonate

Product Property
White powder, is a derivative of glycine. Very stable when expose to air, no hygroscopicity, easily soluble in
water. Aqueous solution was alkaline, case acid decomposition.
1.Can be used as an excellent source of carbon dioxide for effervescent drinks, wheaten food and puffed food;
2.Can be used to prepare effervescent tablets in medicine, to neutralize gastric acidic drugs, and to increase solubility for insoluble acidic drugs;
3.Can be used as a good buffer, neutralizer and alkaline agent;
4.Sodium glycine carbonate is an excellent substitute to sodium bicarbonate. There is water produced when
neutralization reaction takes place between sodium glycine carbonate with acid, whereas there is water produced with sodium bicarbonate. In the preparation of solid foam products and drugs, the neutralization reaction with water produced is very harmful, and will aggravate the decomposing of product.
Specification Sheet

Items Index
Molecular formula C5H8N2O6Na2
Molecular weight 238.11
CAS NO. 50610-34-9
Product standard Q/DHJL 09-2016
Appearance White powder
Sodium w/% 18.0-20.0
Nitrogen w/% 11.0-12.5
pH value(5% aqueous solution) 8.5-9.5
Heavy metals(pb)/(mg/kg) 20
Pb(mg/kg) 5
As(mg/kg) 3
Loss on drying w/% 0.50
Shelf life Two years
Package 25kg/Drum or according to customer`s requirement



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